Rome Model European Union
The First MEU of the Eternal City

Come to the city where the first founding treaty of today's union was signed to debate its future

brief information


Whether you join the CEU or the EC, you will be involved in a three-day negotiation session to debate and come up with ways to tackle today’s most pressing issues.

Completely Free

MUN Academy has always been in the front line to offer these kind of occasion for students to grow and acquire new skills. This is why RoMEU is free.

Specific Topics

Each Council shall debate upon two specific issues, thus giving you the opportunity to explore solutions that must be both politically and legally sound.


These simulations are great occasions to meet individuals with different backgrounds from any point of view. It is a unique opportunity to share and grow.


That's right! The Eternal City of Rome, which hosted the signature of the first Treaty of what we call today European Union, is hosting the first edition of the Rome Model European Union (RoMEU). Unlike other Model EU across Europe, this is entire free thanks to the dedicated contribution and work by MUN Academy, the first Italian association specifically focusing on youth involvement through such events, along with seminars, courses and direct participation to real UN sessions.

RoMEU 2016 is yet another step forward to establish a quality-based approach towards youth involvement and engagement in light of the current developments happening right now in each EU Member State and in the EU itself. Meanwhile, we all are facing global challenges to which each of us may contribute locally, nationally and internationally by tackling these latest issues that are shaking the foundation blocks of our societies as well as the international community.
There is nothing more to add. Do not miss this occasion and apply now for free!


Roxana Izabela Farcas

RoMEU Coordinator

Riccardo Mazzucchelli

MUN Academy Supervisor